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  • Catholic Wiki - Catechetics focus, with coverage of specific sections of the Catechism, apologetics, the Bible, and Canon Law.
  • The Catholic Guide - includes the full Old Catholic Encyclopedia, and explicitly distinguishes itself from Wikipedia by its Catholic Point of View. (currently offline apparently - August 2012)
  • CathWiki - includes some great content (e.g. American Catholics), but the content is currently riddled with spam, sadly.
  • Saint Wiki - lots of great content, with a Dominican focus. Editing is restricted to authorized users to protect the orthodoxy of content.
  • The first major Catholic wiki was called wiKiKto at the address (in addition to a French version at, and my best guess it that it was organized by the Archdiocese of Paris (which runs a television station called KTO). It seems (from old blogs and forum postings) that there was some enthusiasm for the wiki at its introduction, but then it seems to have abruptly disappeared, causing some frustration. This may help explain the current fractured state of Catholic wikis in English.
  • Foreign languages: Kathpedia (German) and Cathopedia (Italian) list each other as sister projects. Why can't the English wikis cooperate better? (-:
  • Not to be overlooked, Wikiproject Catholicism is a community dedicated to improving the coverage of Catholic topics on Wikipedia. (There is also Catholic-related content on some Wikimedia sister sites: a Roman Catholic Studies Department of Wikiversity and a Catholicism Wikibook, not to mention that the full text of the Old Catholic Encyclopedia is available on Wikisource)

Catholic wikis without encyclopedic ambitions:[]

Christian wikis[]

Pope wikis[]

  • Pope Wiki, which is the database for Christian popes.